We have beautiful orchids blooming all year long, and we can ship them to you in bud or spike. In addition, for the collector, we have valuable mericlones, as well as very nice crosses.

Blooming Orchids, shipped in bud or spike


Dendrobiums are available in bloom all year long. Each plant frequently stays in bloom for 6 weeks at a time. And they will often bloom 2 or even 3 times each year.

4" Plants: $35.00. Larger plants to $125.00


Gower Ramsey and Taka are almost always available. Beautiful arching yellow sprays. Known as the "Dancing Lady" orchid.

4" Plants: $25.00. Larger plants to $100.00


Slipper orchids are frequently available in many colors.

4" Plants: $45.00. Larger plants to $100.00


Phalaenopsis, the beautiful Easter Orchid, blooms from mid-winter to springtime. Sprays of white, pink, stripes, and sometime yellow flowers fall easily from the gracefully arching flower spike.

6" Plants: $45.00. Larger plants to $125.00


We have Ascocendas and Vandas most of the year. Well known for their vibrant colors. Usually grown, and shipped in wooden slat baskets.

4" Basket $35.00. Larger plants to $125.00


Aliceara Sweetheart Jonel AM/AOS

3" Yellow flowers with chocolate colored bars. Quite spectacular which in full bloom. AM/AOS awarded in 1995.
3" Bare Root: $30.00

Beardara Henry Wallbrunn 'Lynn' HCC/AOS

Multiply branching spikes. An incredibly floriferous beautiful glistening red flower which reflects light wonderfully. Expensive, but well worth the price.
3" Pots: $49.00

Cattleya Royal Emperor 'Wade' AM/AOS

6" Watermelon red flowers which are very fragrant.
3" Pots: 20.00

Dendrobium Thailand White 'White'

Pure white Dend-Phal, round white flowers on short stems
4" Pots: 20.00

Oncidium Taka

Similar to Oncidium Gower Ramsey, but with larger yellow flowers on shorter spikes which branch more freely.
4" Pot: $25.00

Phalaenopsis Golden Emperor 'Sweet' FCC/AOS

Beautiful clear yellow with excellent substance. A must for any serious Phalaenopsis collector.
6" Pot: $50.00

Phalaenopsis Talong's Red Fire ' Tian-Nong'

Very waxy, full substance red with white flowers.
6" Pot: $50.00

Crosses & Species

Dendrobium aggregatum

Chains of clear yellow flowers in springtime. Mounted on tree fern plaque.
Small Plaque: 20.00

Dendrobium Heikechen x self

Mini-Hybrid. White with purple center on plants 8" or smaller
2 1/2" Pots: 12.50

Oncidium Ewa 'Rainbow'

Enormous 'Mule-Ear' plants with long branching spike of 2 1/2" caramel and yellow flowers with bright lavender lip. Fall bloomer.
8" Bare Root: $75.00



Unless specifically requested otherwise, all plants will be shipped bare root, except for blooming plants

VISA/MC are accepted, and if desired, you may fax your credit card number to (407) 835-4901. Or call (407) 687-7700.


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