Alese & Morton Pechter
discr27_sm.jpgCouples, Moms, Dads, Grandparents, children of all ages .... and especially teenagers ... do we have the trip for you!! The spirit of Walt Disney has come up with the perfect vacation for everyone. We have tested the waters and can attest to it first hand. The present day moguls of Disney have carried forth Walt's dream and made it a reality. From the beginning when Walt envisioned one of his first cartoons, Steamboat Willy,..... cruising the oceans a la Disney, has been lying dormant. With the advent of The Disney Magic it is now happening.

With the tune of When you Wish Upon a Star bellowing forth from the ship's horn, The Disney Magic let the world know that it is a different kind of cruise ship. Being part of this inaugural trip was certainly exciting for us ... and we can tell you that this is a trip you will most certainly want to take when you are in the Palm Beach area. Whether you want a delightful few days at sea to luxuriate and pamper yourselves; have children visiting and want to do something very special with them or better still ... have grandchildren you want to give the Disney Experience without them running you ragged .... this is the special excursion to plan.


discr18_sm.jpgIn true Disney style, the inaugural christening was spectacular ... with the huge ship pulling into the dock as Disney cast members dressed in outfits reminiscent of the early days of transatlantic crossings paraded before the crowds. Vintage automobiles wheeled about, ladies in picture-perfect hats pranced and live music sparkled through the air. Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid, sang; Disney Chairman and CEO Michael Eisner spoke and the newly appointed godfather and godmother of the ship .. Roy Disney, Vice Chairman and animation chief, and his wife Patty Disney were on hand for the festivities. Patty Disney sent a 3-foot tall bottle of champagne smashing into the ship's hull with a flip of a switch ... suddenly doves began to fly, kites soared past the ship pulled by small power boats and fireworks blazed from all sides. The Walt Disney Co. let us all know that this ship, The Disney Magic is different from all others. It is designed to be a true modern classic of the seas that celebrates the legendary ocean liners of the 1930's. Even the portholes, which are once again round, are whimsically large. The plans call for a sister ship, The Disney Wonder to be in operation sometime in 1999.


Disney has created a brand new terminal at Port Canaveral to welcome you. Built specifically for Disney Cruise Line, it is an art deco-inspired terminal designed to complement the Disney fleet. It features a one-of-a-kind 13,000-square-foot poured terrazzo tile floor map of the Caribbean and the sailing route of Disney Cruise Line's first ships. In the middle of the "Ocean map," guests encounter a museum-quality model of the Disney ships. The terminal is big, roomy, has plenty of area for the 2400 passengers the ship can carry. Checking in was simple ... you do need identification ... a passport is always the best and baggage is handled from the moment you arrive. The day of the official christening of the ship, we did encounter an extended wait as there was a computer problem .. but that has been straightened out now. If you started your vacation at one of the Disney Hotels, baggage is taken care of from the time you check into the hotel ... or before that when you arrive by airplane to begin your stay.


discr54_sm.jpgAnd what a ship it is! We were overwhelmed with absolutely everything. The ship itself is beautiful, with all the Disney touches. The workmanship is superb with details that are fun to discover. The ship is longer than three football fields and sports Mickey-inspired colors .. blue-black hull, white superstructure, yellow trim (the lifeboats are bright Mickey yellow rather than the orange that most ships have), and two giant red funnels sporting the Mickey Mouse logo. Astern there is a 15-foot statue of Goofy hanging upside down in a boatswain's chair "painting" the ship's name.

Would you believe .. three swimming pools, basketball and paddleball courts, ESPN Skybox and a spectacular fitness spa and health center? There are fabulous dining areas, sitting areas, reading areas, quiet areas.... absolutely something for everyone of any age.

We had the opportunity to meet and chat with Bjorn Storbraaten, one of the designers of this magnificent vessel. He was responsible for the architectural development and detailing of the interior and exterior of the ship. He is certainly not a newcomer to this field .. having previously designed the Sea Goddess, Seabourn Spirit, Windward and others.

With all the Disney that is present, as adults, we did not find any of it overdone or obtrusive. Disney characters are present onboard, but are usually found in the children's areas. You are not constantly tripping over them on deck. Though we must say, we love seeing those happy faces and always have to smile when they are around. The Disney presence, however, is all around you .. in the signage, lighting fixtures, wall decorations, etc. You will not see any Renoirs, but you will see a lot of Disney art all around the ship.

Fearful that couples might avoid a ship that seems geared to children Disney designed the ship with specific areas for adults, families and children. The adults have their own restaurant, a fitness spa, pool and a nightclub that resembles a mini-Pleasure Island with a piano bar, a comedy club and a rock n'roll/country-western club.

Children have their own pool and almost an entire deck to explore - with supervision from Disney staff. Parents can trade their little ones for a beeper, and explore the ship on their own. The littlest children have a Captain Hook-inspired area to climb, crawl and slide, and a closet full of Disney character costumes to don.


Walking from the registration area onto the ship, we passed through a Mickey shaped entrance and were greeted .. Disney style ... by several of the cast members who welcomed us onboard and offered help and directions to find our cabin. We did find the cabin easily .. and what a cabin it is. We shall talk more about that later but what impressed us was that all our luggage was already there waiting for us. Nothing lost, misplaced or a long wait to get the bags that had all our "stuff". We unpacked what we needed immediately ... namely more film and proceeded to check out the ship. There was so much to do and see we did not know where to start so we just walked the decks to explore.

The Topsider Buffet was already open, and we realized, though food had been plentiful at the opening reception .. we had not eaten anything. Our first stop was to get some lunch. It seems many others had the same idea and we were joined by several other guests.

Though the ship was still at the dock, all the activities had begun. The safety drill took place so that all would know just where to be if ever there was a need. We have been on other cruises, had other safety drills, but this was the first time actual names were called at each station to be sure people were present. That gave us a very secure feeling that someone did know we were onboard and would be checking for us in an emergency.

Back to the fun and games ... we toured the several decks to discover, Scoops for our ice-cream desires; Pinocchio's Pizzeria and Pluto's Dog House for other snacks. We assured ourselves we would not go hungry .. at any hour of the day or night! What we did not find ... much to our pleasure ... was a casino. There is no gambling on a Disney ship. If you are so inclined, you can take in one of the gambling casinos when you make your stop in Nassau. It was a pleasure not to have to walk through a casino to get where we wanted ... as we have found on other ships.

We found a whole deck devoted to activities for children, with a kids-only upper-deck pool play area. Two other pools, entertainment areas and deck games cater to teen-age and adult activities. Disney's Oceaneer Adventure provides a shipboard program offering activities that are supervised by up to 50 counselors. The area is nearly ten times the size of what other lines currently offer and has specific programs for 3-8, 9-12 and teenagers. The little ones have lots of room to run, climb and explore; the Oceaneer Lab, features high-tech fun including the electronic games played on giant video walls and interactive computer activities and the teens have a trendy coffee bar, Common Grounds ... a place for teens to just "be" .. dance and meet other kids their age.

The programs are broken down into smaller groupings .. 3-5 year olds have one counselor for every 15 children. The activities are geared to that age both onboard the ship and on Castaway Cay, Disney's special island. Six to eight year olds have one counselor for every 25 children. Nine/ten's have a separate group as well at 11/12's. This way the games, treasure hunts, etc. can be personalized much more to the age bracket.

Even the teens will find happiness with their program that includes comedy hour, with the Disney Magic's improv professionals teaching funny-stuff basics; the ESPN Sports challenge and "411" an ice-breaking coffee-house conversation at Common Grounds.

The toddlers have also been thought of. Supervised by their parents, the under-three crowd has bubble fun and storytime and parents can sign up for in-room babysitting.

Parents and Grandparents rejoice ... what a great set-up. When you first board, the counselors meet with you to review a special, individualized itinerary for your child or grandchild. If the children choose to participate in the organized activities, you are presented with a "parent pager" ... so you can go off and enjoy your vacation knowing you can be reached at any time.

How about pampering yourself in the 9,000 square foot Vista Spa & Salon, with the latest Cybex equipment and modern spa treatments. We were so busy we never had time for the Spa but we did get to the sports deck and enjoyed the ESPN Skybox. High in the forward funnel, you can get all the latest sports scores, watch on a huge TV sports screen, eat stadium-style refreshments and have one of the best views on the ship.

We had been on the ship only a short time ... had not even left the dock yet ... and we were having a ball just seeing what was being offered. You know the Disney cast members are sensational. They are all smiling, cheerful, helpful, fun to be around. They all spoke English ... and a few other languages. If we asked about something they did not know .. they went quickly to find out for us. If we asked for something ... before we could finish the asking ... we had it. We have no idea how Disney trains its cast members but other venues certainly should try to copy them. We have never, ever met a Disney employee who was not super-perfect and always seemed to be enjoying the work they were doing. It makes for a fantastic time for all the vacationers. You never have the feeling they are resentful of your good time.

DisCr66_sm.jpgWant to be active while you cruise? Try the Promenade Deck or Sports Deck. In the fresh ocean breeze you can walk or jog 1/4 mile on an uninterrupted course or play basketball, paddle tennis, volleyball and badminton. Table tennis and shuffleboard are also available. They are also offering wine tasting groups and other activities for the adults on board.

By 5pm we were about ready to cast off for the open sea. Leaving the dock is always a festive time and naturally, Disney had a special show for this occasion. On the stage at the end of the main family pool, Mickey, Minnie and cast members put on a "gala" show to carry us away from the dock. Crowds milled around the pool area to watch and listen to the performance while others went to the side railings and watched Michael Eisner, Roy Disney and the Captain, on the bridge, pull the switches, give the commands ... cast off ... and away we went. The whole thing went so smoothly you did not even realize you were moving. There was no rocking movement that we could feel out on the open seas. In fact, at times, you had to look out the huge, round portholes to see that you were even on the water and moving. It was just like being in a large, beautiful hotel. Incidentally, there is a huge Mickey Mouse statue standing at a ship's wheel at the bottom of the palatial stairway in the Atrium lobby. A perfect place for those memorable photos. You can take your own or the ship's photographers will snap family portraits for you.


After we left the dock, we returned to our stateroom to finish unpacking and get set for dinner. These staterooms are really something special. Seventy-five percent are outside cabins and 44 percent of those have a private verandah. The cabins are 25 percent larger than the current industry average and have more storage and useable space than any other cruise ship.

We can attest to the space. Having been on other cruise ships .. and traveling with lots and lots of luggage ... our cameras take up a great deal of space ... we had room for everything and had shelves and drawers and cabinet space to spare.

We were lucky to get a verandah stateroom, but also checked out the inside rooms. They, too, are spacious, comfortable, well outfitted. They do not have any portholes or verandahs but if that is not of concern ... these rooms are great ... and cost a lot less. On a ship you spend so little time in the stateroom that all you might want is a place to keep your things and to change and sleep. There are also family-size staterooms (some accommodating up to six guests with a bathroom-and-a-half in each) plus multi-room luxury suites.

Did we mention the personalized itinerary of activities we found in our stateroom? Disney calls it your ... Personal Navigator. You can plan when you get onboard .. with your stateroom host or hostess. Everything you choose to do is listed on your Navigator so you know where you want to be and when. It is great for helping to keep track of all the special appointments you want to make. A new one is delivered to your room each day, with the day's activities listed. Individual ones are also made for the children traveling with you. Our suggestion is to check over all the things you really want to do ... before you get on the ship. Then go right to the Guest Services when you board the ship ... even before you go to your stateroom ... and make your reservations. With so many on board, spa appointments, massages, special dinner reservations go quickly.


Now that we had toured the ship ... cast off for the Bahamas ... and settled in, we realized we were getting hungry again. And what a surprise we had for dinner. Disney's newest idea is Rotation Dining. Accompanied by your familiar wait staff, you travel among three distinctively different restaurants. You are assigned a dinner time .. selected by you before you board ... and go to a different dining room each evening.

Our first night we ate in Animator's Palate where from appetizer through dessert the entire restaurant transforms from a black and white "artists' sketch" to a vibrant full-color scene filled with favorite Disney characters. The waiters, who wore black and white vests, changed to colored vests during the grand finale .. dessert. We had an absolutely delicious salmon dish as the main course and we shall not tell you about dessert. That is something very, very special!

And we could not believe our luck. Our table partners were Tomas and Robert Tillberg! They are the amazing team that designed the fantastic staterooms, public areas on those decks and the alternative restaurant! They have been in this business for many years and had fascinating stories to tell. We not only dined well but had delightful dinner conversation to complement the meal.

Our second night out we went to Lumiere's the more formal restaurant and gentlemen are asked to wear a jacket. Though we saw many who entered in shirt sleeves. It is casual elegance with French cuisine that was inspired by "Beauty and the Beast." We found it pleasant to be in a different environment and still have our same waiter greet us when we sat down. The food, too, was delicious. We had a beef dish that was superb.

The third restaurant is Parrot Cay, an island-inspired paradise for "palm-shaded" Caribbean dining adventures. In addition you can opt for reservations-required Palo, featuring classic Northern Italian cuisine, an exhibition kitchen and sweeping vistas of the Atlantic Ocean. We were not onboard long enough to experience these taste treats but will do so on our next trip.


Next on our schedule was an evening of entertainment. We already mentioned that there is a special adult area, Beat Street, which features three themed nightclubs, including the first-ever seagoing comedy club (Off Beat), a stylish piano bar (Sessions) and a dance hall (Rockin' BarD) featuring a variety of headliner entertainment and live music .. all within a dynamic street scene atmosphere.

Studio Sea features top 40s band, specialty acts, guest participation in TV game shows' taping and late night family dance club.

Though we walked through all the night spots to see what they were, we were heading for the original Broadway -style show. Housed in a state-of-the-art theater with sound, lighting, staging and props, Disney puts on fantastic shipboard entertainment nightly. This magnificent Walt Disney Theatre seats 975 with perfect visibility and sound reception from any seat. The theatre is three decks high with the most sophisticated lighting and technical facilities afloat.

More than 100 singers, dancers, actors, musicians, comedians, illusionists, jugglers, Disney characters, paraders, producers, hosts and backstage assistants work to create superb shows.

First night out we saw, Voyage of the Ghost Ship, a swashbuckling hero and fairy-tale princess in an action adventure filled with illusions and special effects. It had six original songs. Next evening we opted for the other new show, Disney Dreams, a brand-new bedtime story with Peter Pan, Aladdin, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and others. It also introduced a new song. Both of these shows are for the whole family but don't think they are just for the kids. We thoroughly enjoyed each one (and we did not have the kids with us this time.) In fact, we saw the late show ... and most of the audience was adults and teenagers. The applause and cheering was deafening at the end of each performance.

discr21_sm.jpgThough we were ready to hit the sack after the show (it was around 11:30pm) we could see the teenagers heading off for their "nightspot" and some of the elders going off to party into the night. But we had still another treat before reaching our stateroom. Waiting for the elevator, we were joined by the Sidney Poitier! All we had to hear was one word from his mouth and it was like pearls bursting forth. What a pleasure it was to chat with him for those few moments waiting and then riding the elevator together. We had been secretly hoping the elevator might get stuck for awhile so we could spend more time chatting and listening to that mellifluous voice. That did not happen so we said our "good nights", exited the elevator and went to our stateroom.


Bright and early next morning we were already docked at the island paradise Disney has created for its guests ... Castaway Cay. For us, it was our only stop but as a guest on a regularly scheduled cruise it will always be the final day adventure. It is a Bahamian treat. Normally the ship will stop at Nassau for its first port of call.

You can stroll off the ship and onto a 500 foot dock ... another Disney piece of magic. It has created the perfect island get-a-way. Palm trees waving, white sandy beaches , beautiful clear waters of blue and aqua. There are charming, weather-worn cabins, shelters and a 35 foot whale's skeleton which you can rediscover in the sand.

discr76_sm.jpgWhat we loved is that there is no long wait for a tender to take you to shore, no other cruise ships in sight and not a problem departing or re-boarding at any time. We were on the beach and into the water first thing ... then re-boarded to drop off our wet gear and went back to the dining areas and beach for the afternoon. We did leave the ship as early as we could ... had a light breakfast at the buffet first and then went straight to the snorkeling area. We wanted time to see and do everything. Even with our early planning ... we could not possibly do everything ... but we tried!

Disney "islanders" are all around to help you discover the mysteries and pleasures of the island .. rustic signs tell of the island "legend" and everything has its typical Disney humor. Lunch on the island is an authentic Bahamian family cookout and barbecue with roast chicken and hickory-smoked ribs, flame-cooked hamburgers and plenty of fresh tropical fruits, vegetables, salad greens and, of course, juices, tea, coffee and ice-cream! It was good, solid food .. but not outstanding.

Our main venture was to try the snorkeling area. We went loaded with underwater cameras, fins and snorkels. You can rent fins and snorkels right on the beach if you want to. We were the only ones in the water with cameras and most others thought we were part of the Disney staff. We did have our fun. The fish life is just starting to arrive but Disney has provided some special surprises ... even underwater.

They have set down reef balls ... a special man-made habitat for the fish to provide shelter from predators. In a short time the balls will be covered with all sorts of coral and sponges and the fish will dart in and out of the small openings around its surface. In addition, there are treasure chests, canons, conch shells, the ribs of wrecked ships and lo and behold ... we found Mickey down below!!! Attached to the bow of a wrecked ship structure is a majestic figure of Mickey Mouse himself. Where will that little mouse get to next?

The snorkeling was lots of fun ... It is in a 15 acre separated area that is very shallow ... at its deepest perhaps ten feet. The water is calm, clear and perfect to take little ones for their first outing ... or adults who are venturing forth. The entire area is encircled by lifeguards watching over everyone.

There is a charge if you rent mask/fins/snorkel and safety vest. If you bring your own mask/fins/snorkel ... you must still use their safety vest to snorkel the area, but there is no charge for the vest. (You may not use your own safety vest.)

There is a boating area with sailboats, sea kayaks, paddle boats of all kinds. In the swimming area you can also rent rafts and just luxuriate while drifting over the waters. They have a family beach, a teenage beach (which was almost deserted when we were there) ... We think the teenagers were having so much fun they never had the time to get to the beach volleyball and other activities on their private beach. Bikes of all sizes were available to ride the island trails and a native band played for beach dancing and listening.

There is also a separate kids' beach where they had arts and crafts, explorations, games, sports, a three-story water-play fort and two water slides and the whale skeleton excavation.

And for the adults ... wow! .. There is another separate "quiet" beach on the island's north side with a tropical beverage bar ... and you can get an open-air massage in a private cabana overlooking the sea. Is this heaven or what? There are also lots and lots of tree and umbrella-shaded chairs and lounges for relaxing. It is hard to believe you can have all this and still have the kids with you ... out of your hair ... having a great time! Another suggestion .. make your reservations for the beach massage .. early! You have to take a second tram to get to the adult beach and, though you can get drinks there, you have to return to the main area for the food.

If you want to do a little shopping on the side, there are also a few little shops with Bahamian arts and crafts and a landside Disney character shop.

No wonder Disney has planned this as the last stop. No matter what has gone before, you really feel relaxed and invigorated after a day on Castaway Cay. Our only wish was that this stop could have lasted longer.


Returning to the ship after our day on the island, we relaxed, dined elegantly, saw one of the special shows, ventured into the nightspots, checked out the photographers section to pick up our personal photos, chatted with the many friends we had made while onboard and regretfully said our good-nights. It was time to get set for our morning departure. As we had the late dinner and knew we were going right to the show, we had packed our bags early and left them outside our cabin to be picked up. Special luggage tags that were color coded, had been provided with our last day Personal Navigator.

Leaving was done as smoothly as arriving. We had a leisurely breakfast in Lumiere's and were able to leave the ship when we were ready. While taking a last walk around the decks, just to make sure we hadn't missed anything .. we ran into Cliff Perry. Cliff is the mastermind behind all the entertainment and daily programming for the cruise ships. He plans all the nightly entertainment, the new shows, cabaret performances, theme shows as well as overseeing adult lectures and enrichment programs. We were most impressed that he remembered who we were after only a brief meeting the day before. He greeted us warmly and even asked our opinion about the shows we had seen. We were delighted to be able to tell him personally that we thought they were outstanding.

The time had come for us to depart ... we said our farewells around 9:30am. Many had already gone as they had early flights home. Disney cast members lined the pathway when we walked off the ship .. calling their "good-byes" .. and "come back soon" ... and 'hope you had fun!" How could we not!

Back in the terminal we found our cases immediately (in the red section) ... there were baggage men to take our bags through Customs and out to a Disney bus that waited to take us ... back to the hotel or airport or the car that was parked in the Port Authority parking area. We had left our car at a Disney hotel and so boarded the bus for the return trip. A spanking, sparkling new, air-conditioned, comfortable bus returned us to the hotel. A fabulous end to a much too short vacation.

We are planning a return visit soon. This time we shall opt for the four day excursion that includes not only a day in Nassau but one full day at sea. See you onboard!


Travel Agent or


  1. Pack light .. you do not need much in clothing .. the ship is extremely casual.
  2. You will probably want a camera along.
  3. Choice of stateroom really does not matter .. all locations are just fine .. decide what you wish to spend and go for it. The ones we saw can easily accommodate three people with a queen bed and a couch that folded down to make a single bed. Some cabins had bunk beds, others had twin beds. Each has a small color TV. There is also a desk, a bureau with plenty of storage, a roomy closet and a small safe for valuables. Many rooms have a "bath and a half" .. the toilet and a small sink are in one room and the shower/tub and a sink are in another. The tub is a small one.. but the shower was great.
  4. Pack a "day bag" in which you have overnight "stuff" .. Your bags will be picked up the night before you board the ship and the night before you depart the ship. You will want some nightclothes to sleep, bathroom necessities and clothes for the next day.
  5. If you have special things you really want to do and time preferences .. try to plan ahead so that you can make your reservations for massage times, dinner times, Palo restaurant, etc .. as soon as you board the ship....even before you check out your stateroom.
  6. If you miss out on a reservation for a massage at the adult beach on Castaway Cay .. check with the little tiki hut when there. There are usually changes in plans and canceled appointment times do become available.
  7. Be sure you bring along special medications, sun screen, hats, cover-ups. Be careful of getting too much sun. Particularly keep the little ones covered up.
  8. The children's venues offer free time and planned activities lead by counselors. You can drop off the children for the evening, where they are shepherded to dinner at Topsiders, while you enjoy a more leisurely meal. The teens have their own coffee shop and there are organized programs for them, such as a nighttime volleyball game.
  9. Tipping: Disney is low-key about the tipping .. you have to ask for the line's official suggestions. You can put the tips on your stateroom account, so you do not have to worry about carrying too much cash on board.
  10. From what we have heard .. for the four-day cruise, Disney suggests: (these tips are quoted per passenger) .... dining room server, $14.00; assistant dining room server, $10.00; and stateroom hostess, $14.00. You also might want to tip the dining room head server. This is the one who points you in the direction of your table .. and possibly the concierge.
  11. When eating at Palo's a charge will be added automatically to cover the tipping as you do not have your regular wait staff. This shows as a $5 charge when you make your reservation for Palo .. it is the tip to cover just the meal portion. If you order special drinks there will be an additional gratuity charge of 15% for the drinks.
  12. There is 15% gratuity automatically added to all Magic's bar-service bills for alcoholic beverages, including juices and coffee at any bar. When you are presented with the bill, another empty space below the total is marked "gratuity" in large letters. This amounts to a second tip and you are under no obligation to tip twice. That is only if you feel you have received extraordinary service. Most other cruise ships also add this gratuity to bar bills also.
  13. One of the ships going out after our trip had 550 kids on the 2400 passenger ship. The comment was: "Unless we were at poolside, we hardly noticed them."
  14. When going ashore at Castaway Cay .. if you want to send any mail from the Post Office there .. you WILL need some cash. It is an official Bahamian Post Office and they do not accept credit cards or the Disney Room card for charges.
  15. We did not get to Nassau at all .. but do know there are several shore excursions planned if you so choose. Of course, there is a price tag with each one .. some very high and others within a normal budget activity. We cannot speak for any of these trips as we did not partake. If you want, you can simply walk to the center of town and take in the ambiance and/or gamble at a casino. We understand there is a trip to a unique aquarium at Crystal Kay Marine Park ($23 for adults, $16.50 for children 3-9) that has a snorkel course. It is not Sea World but has a nice variety of marine life.


  • Disney Magic is almost as long as the Eiffel Tower is high.
  • The ship makes 1,200 tons of fresh water from sea water each day .. enough for everyone in Chicago and Houston combined.
  • On a three day cruise .. 6,525 pool towels will be used and washed .. enough to handle every athlete of every participating country's Olympic swim team.
  • If Disney Magic were a land vehicle, it would need an eight lane highway.
  • In the Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal there are more than 50 Mickey Mouse images ... overt and subliminal .. even at the passenger bridge to the ship.


7-day Resort-and-cruise vacation includes:

  • Round trip economy air transportation from more than 150 gateway cities in the US and Canada to Orlando Int. Airport. (add-ons apply from certain gateway cities)
  • 3- or 4-day vacation accommodations at a selected Walt Disney World Resort hotel
  • Unlimited admission to Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Pleasure Island, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, River Country, Discovery Island and Disney's Wide World of Sports. (Except for activities/events separately priced)
  • 3- or 4-day cruise to the Bahamas, including: stateroom or suite accommodations, meals and entertainment as provided aboard Disney Magic
  • Ground transfers to and from the Walt Disney World Resort, Port Canaveral and Orlando Int. Airport.
  • And more.....

What it costs:
Prices start at $1,295 per person based on double occupancy
Prices vary depending upon Guest Room Accommodations choice and vacation dates.

Three or Four day Cruise Only Vacation .. including...

  • Round trip economy air transportation from more that 150 gateway cities in the US and Canada to Orlando Int. Airport (add-ons apply from certain gateway cities)
  • 3- or 4-day cruise to the Bahamas, including: stateroom or suite accommodations, meals and entertainment as provided aboard Disney Magic.
  • Ground transfers to and from Orlando Int. Airport and Port Canaveral
What it costs:....
Prices for a three day cruise start at $799 per person/double occupancy, for a four day cruise $909 per person/double occupancy. Prices vary depending upon Stateroom Choices and vacation dates.


  • Shore excursions, sightseeing or meals ashore in Nassau
  • Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, bottled water
  • Laundry or valet services
  • Spa, hair salon, massage and beauty shop services
  • In-room babysitting
  • Physician and nurse services
  • Business services (facsimile transmission, document preparation, copies)
  • Phone calls
  • Gratuities for dining servers, hotel or stateroom hosts/hostesses, and any other vacation hosts
  • Government taxes and fees


Design: Designed by a team of renowned architects including Njal Eide, Peter Yran, Bjorn Storbraaten and Robert Tillberg under the direction of Walt Disney Imagineering.

Construction: Built at Fincantieri Shipyards in Ancona and Venice, Italy.

Master: Captain Tom Forberg.

Homeport: Disney's private terminal at Port Canaveral, Florida.

Crew: 950 crew members including ship operations, hotel, dining, and entertainment and program staff representing more than 40 nations.

Ship's Registry: Bahamas.

Specifications: 83,000 tons, 964 ft. long, 106 ft. wide, 25.3 ft. draft, 5 thrusters, 1 pair fin stabilizers.

Speed: 24 knots maximum speed; 21.5 knots cruising speed (24mph).

Propulsion: Five 16-cylinder diesel engines, two 19 megawatt General Electric propulsion motors.

Vacation: 3 or 4 days at Walt Disney World Resort plus 3 or 4 day cruise; two day-long stops.

Itinerary: Port of Nassau and Disney Cruise Lines' private island, Castaway Cay.

Reservations: Travel Agent or 407-566-7000

Staterooms: 875 staterooms and suites - 75 percent outside, 44 percent of those with verandahs
Guest Capacity: 1,750 guest double occupancy (2400 maximum capacity).

Public Areas: Three-story entrance atrium, 5,500 sq. ft. Shopping area, separate recreation, entertainment areas and swimming pools for children, families and adults.

Children's Areas: Nearly an entire deck, 15,000 sq. ft. Disney's Oceaneer Club and Disney's Oceaneer Lab catering to separate age groups; counselors; baby sitting available.

Dining Areas: Animator's Palate, Lumiere's, Parrot Cay provide a unique dine-around experience with different dining room each night, plus Palo adult dining by reservation overlooking the ocean. Indoor/outdoor cafes and buffets for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Pool Bar, Coffee Bar, Pizza Bar, Ice Cream Bar; special menus for health-conscious guests; 24-hour room service.

Entertainment: Walt Disney Theatre (977 seats), different Disney-produced musical state show each night. Buena Vista Theatre, first run and classic Disney films. Studio Sea, TV game show, cabaret acts and late-night dancing. Rockin' Bar D, Top 40 and country music band. OffBeat, first sea-going comedy improv warehouse Sessions, sophisticated relaxation with easy music. Common Grounds, teen club coffee house and dancing. ESPN Skybox, snacks, refreshments and non-stop sports coverage on multiple TV screens.

Fitness Facilities: 9,000 sq. ft. Vista Spa & Salon. Promenade Deck walking and jogging. Sports Deck with table tennis, basketball, shuffleboard, paddle tennis, batting and driving ranges.

Ship's Services: Self-service launderettes, valet, laundry and dry cleaning, photo processing, strollers, satellite phone service, modern medical facilities, 24-hour Telefax, secretarial and conference facilities, numerous stateroom amenities; adult lecture and enrichment programs.

Michael Eisner at Christening of Disney Magic
Cliff Perry Entertainment Director discusses onboard entertainment.

Opening Ceremony Stage Show 6Mb
Jodi Benson sings Ariel's song 9Mb

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