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Access to all the information you could ask for regarding Voice Recognition. We offer the voice-users email list as well as the voice-users archive. A voice recognition forum as well as FAQ's are available. A glossary of Voice Recognition terms is available. And, of course, we have an opportunity to request further information on-line.

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is currently the hottest product in the industry. We offer information on the Deluxe, Preferred and Personal Editions. A two dimensional matrix compares the features of each. This link will take you to our 'continuous-speech' website. You must look for the 21st Century Eloquence logo to return here.

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Our Continuous Speech website

In addition to the information on voice recognition you will find at 'voicerecognition.com', we offer a companion website at 'continuous-speech.com'. This site concentrates exclusively on product information, including Dragon NaturallySpeaking and some of its add-ons such as digital recorders, wireless microphones etc.

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